One of our chefs Andy Addis-Fuller went with Taste Local to Italy to take some inspiration for the process of curing and smoking his open meats. Check out this short film and a write up about the trip to Puglia.

Andrew Addis Fuller has been the head chef of the Kings Head for the past year and has drawn in his clientele from far and wide with his use of local produce, creative menus and in particular his wonderful local seafood and fish. He is passionate about food and writes a monthly blog on word press called Fullerflavour.

“The Taste Local trip to Italy for me was a very rewarding trip, well done to the team at Ffres who worked hard to make it happen. The trip for me was all about Salami, cured meats & charcuterie, I got my fix and then some. I was taken back by the business owners who welcomed us and were more than willing to show us techniques and share practical advice. Their openness and passion for their trade was astounding, I learnt a great deal and will be able to use this knowledge to help develop my business in Wales. ” Andrew Addis-Fuller

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